We are all about sustainability.

We strive to run our business in an ethical way. This means taking responsibility for our actions throughout the value chain and for our most important stakeholders – the end consumers.


Our product safety process.

We work systematically to integrate safety in a product’s entire lifecycle. All our products have been tested thoroughly to make sure they are safe, and our products naturally always comply with all relevant EU and national safety regulations.

In the case of chemical content and for some toys aimed at children under the age of three, we set ourselves higher standards than those of the EU Toy Safety Directive.

Here’s PROXY’s 10 steps of our product safety process.

  • Sample

    A sample is made.

  • Assessment

    Assessment of product design and sample.

  • Specification

    Specification of requirements.

  • Factory

    Confirmation of factory.

  • Verification

    Verification of documentation and labelling.

  • Product acceptance

    Product accepted for production.

  • Production

    Productions starts.

  • Final products

  • Approval

    Final products are approved.

  • Evaluation

    Evaluation and registration of incidents.

Do you want to know more?

How we make sure.

PROXY use Eurofins as partner when it comes to our products safety and testing. Eurofins delivers chemical- and mechanical analisys of our products. Eurofins also delivers counseling in regards to legislation in different faces of the products.


PROXY. Your preferred Nordic partner.