It’s not a secret that we’re very proud of our product lineup for 2019 – and with a total of 5 nominations for ‘Årets Leksak 2019’, it’s well-founded.

Lek & Baby – The swedish Toy and Baby association yearly nominates and awards toys in various categories. The common denominator for all the nominees and winners are products that brings something new to the table – and gives the consumer value for money.

Let’s take a closer look at PROXYs nominations for 2019.

Nomination for ‘The most innovating toy 2019’ – Blume (Skyrocket):

Blume is truely one of kind and made for unboxing. Pour water on it and watch Blume blossom before your very eyes. A detailed doll hides inside the pot with squeezable hair. See the video for more.

Nomination for ‘The best toy for school kids 2019’ – Unicorn Vet, Little Live Pets (Moose).

What can be more engaging than a sick unicorn? The Unicorn Vet from Moose takes a classic toy theme and combines it with empathy and caring – and delivers something really engaging for the kids.

Nomination for ‘The best arts & craft toy 2019’ – Slimi Café (ORB).

Slimi Café combines all the most popular materials in one product – with baking as the overall theme. Use slime and new formula squishies to create awesome looking master cakes.

Nomination for ‘The best active toy 2019’ – Bunch o Balloons – Party (Zuru).

Inflate 40 balloons in 40 seconds! With Bunch o Ballons Party makes it possible to blow life into any party in a matter of seconds. Easy and fun to use.

Nomination for ‘The toy of the year 2019’ – SmART Pixelator (Flycatcher).

The SmART Pixelator lets you do various beads, peas and sequin creations using your own photos. It’s even possible to do 3D creations.

Do you have questions about our nominated products or do you want to know more – then don’t hesitate contacting us.