Who's PROXY.
PROXY is a distributor of innovative non-food products in the Nordic region. We build long-lasting partnerships and value through the entire value chain from source to customers in the Nordics.

Our product groups are innovative non-food products sold exclusively B2B, in the Nordic region.
We're more than box movers.
Here at PROXY we believe that strong marketing is the foundation of any product success. That's why we work in depth with marketing disciplines such as; TV, Social media, search, direct, POS, in-store, activation and influencers.

Do you want to know more about how our in-house marketing department works - then click right here ...
We are all about sustainability.
We go to great length to make sure that all of our products live up to EU standards in regards to safety and production. Read more about our 10 step product safety process right here.
Who we work with.
At PROXY, we strive for working with the very best in the world, and that includes many of the big brands such as Moose Toys, Disney and Anki. But it's our experience, that you don't need to be a household name to have great products.

That's why we always looking to expand the numbers of our partners no matter how big or small the company.
We are doing good.
PROXY was founded in 2011 by Morten and Mikkel (CEO & CFO) - and from there we have grown in revenue and in numbers of employees every year since. Last year we crossed 160 millions in revenue and we now employe more then 25 people across in the Nordic region.

We expect our development and journey will continue...
Meet PROXY's own superheroes.
We are where we are today thanks to all the people at PROXY. Right now we consist of over 25 employees throughout the nordic region.

We consist of several departments; marketing, sales, products, quality insurance, accounting and purchase. Meet our superheroes right here ...
True Nordic.
PROXY is represented in the whole Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland). That gives us the necessary consumer insights on a local level - and a great and unique understanding for where the markets are heading.
The Mission.
We want to be the preferred distribution partner of innovative non-food products in the Nordic region.

Our vision is driven by our core values. We see ourselves as commercial, trustworthy, responsible and passionate.

We work with 3 categories of products.

PROXY emanated from the toys (Kids) category and it still remains the majority of our product portfolio (60%). We have around 25 years of combined experience with toys – which makes us experts in this field.

We have since our beginning added additional two categories to our product assortment – Home Electronics and Pets.

Some of the brands we have in our assortment.


PROXY. Our preferred partner in the Nordic.

Let us introduce you to some of our customers.

Here are some of our dearest customers. We only have secure exclusive rights to our products, and sell to the largest retailers in Nordics.

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